Cusco City

Cusco City

If you are visiting the imperial city of Cusco and you have some free time left, after having visited Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley and other Cusco tours, I recommend you take a few hours to just wander around. Cusco is an amazing city and we suggest here how to get the most amazing view of Cusco city!


As Cusco is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, there are several natural as well as ‘official’ view points (“miradores”) in and just outside the city. To start, the closest mirador is only one block from the main square (Plaza de Armas). When you walk up the Calle Suecia (the street at the corner of the Plaza de Armas between the KFC and the BCP office), after 100 meters there are stairs uphill to the right and you will see the first mirador. When the sun has shined all day, the stones of the wall are warmed up by the sun which makes it an excellent place to watch the sunset when it is getting chilly quickly.


To continue to the next mirador, you have to start at the other corner of the Plaza de Armas: take Calle Triunfo, between the catheral and Paddy’s Pub. Follow the road up untill you see a church on your right hand after three blocks. Next to this church is the San Blas square (Plaza de San Blas). Walk the stairs up next to the fountain where you can take a seat on the wall to enjoy the evening lights of the city and watch the stars.

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